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Mitchi is a girl who is still on the look out for stones to fill up her happy wagon. Maybe you can lend her some. Mitchi loves tea, heartfelt talks, long walks, taking pictures, hoarding books,anime marathon and sub-titled films. She has an extreme taste with music. She loves to meditate and she enjoys "me time". She believes that there's a world of difference between being alone and lonely. She used to do cosplay but for some reasons she gave it up. Currently, she's into analogue and lo-fi photography. She wants to learn Spanish but she just know some of the practical phrases. She might study again soon. She's a Nurse by license and in not-so-far away future she wants to be a translator or a teacher but somehow she's stuck with a nocturnal job. Maybe you can shed some light on that grayed-area part of her life. She believes and loves God. Welcome! (No photo manipulation with film photos except cropping some faulty scanned shots.) tumblr hit counter
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Los Baños, Laguna

(UP Elbi + Boston Cafe + Mcdo)

I was trying to write something a while ago (for a change) but I end up doing some girl thing. Getting my nails done and some home made green tea bag scrub. Vanity attacks!

Have a great week ahead!

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