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Mitchi is a girl who is still on the look out for stones to fill up her happy wagon. Maybe you can lend her some. Mitchi loves tea, heartfelt talks, long walks, taking pictures, hoarding books,anime marathon and sub-titled films. She has an extreme taste with music. She loves to meditate and she enjoys "me time". She believes that there's a world of difference between being alone and lonely. She used to do cosplay but for some reasons she gave it up. Currently, she's into analogue and lo-fi photography. She wants to learn Spanish but she just know some of the practical phrases. She might study again soon. She's a Nurse by license and in not-so-far away future she wants to be a translator or a teacher but somehow she's stuck with a nocturnal job. Maybe you can shed some light on that grayed-area part of her life. She believes and loves God. Welcome! (No photo manipulation with film photos except cropping some faulty scanned shots.) tumblr hit counter
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I have to do this! Yes folks I am still alive in case you are wondering. How’s everyone? (late post based on BDJ planner)


2-6: I filed a vacation leave for the Opening Night of Eiga Sai. They served unlimited sushi and wine catered by Akira. Too bad I did not won any Shue Uemura raffle. The opening film was starred by my ever crush Kenichi Matsuyama. It’s a pretty film and I just love how it captured the country life.
I have a festival pass at Virgin Labfest. Every year watching this unadulterated plays makes me sad because I really want to be theater actress. It was frustrating but nonetheless there are dreams that are not meant to come true. Or maybe not now but soon. Let’s see.
9:I am crying because of toothache. hahahaha
11:I finished the book Audition. It has a cult following. I like the book better than the film. As always.
16: We have accomadation at Traders Hotel because of Typhoon Glenda but I braved the storm and strong winds because I don’t want to deal with my cruel officemates.
17: Subscribed at BDJBOX
19-25: I love Orphan Black! Don’t you? Can’t wait for Season 3.
28: People will try to bring you down and hurt you but you need to rise no matter what.


3: Cinemalaya 2014. Attended 3 Gala Premiers and free food again. Hahaha
Suffered from Vertigo while watching the 2nd film. Awful.
4: 60th Birthday of Mama. We had a simple celebration.
10: Ace Water Spa with the whole family.
12: Caution: I need anger management program. The world is filled with so much hatred. Don’t let that seep into your life.
14: Mama went to USA for vacation for 5 months.
15: Office gossip and escalations. Only dead fish swim with the current. Go against the flow.
22: I’m in! TESDA for Spanish language. Yey!
29: Career profiling at Tesda.
30: Top- Blue Rating at work


1: First day of Spanish class
5-7: Laguna mode: UP elbi binge eating and food trip with mi amore.
14: VIP Pass at Beauty Camp of bdjbox.
20: Book Fair: But I splurged on Watsons sale. lolz
28: Gaddiel’s 6th month
30: Month end with my love

For the third quarter of this year I was so busy. Work, school, love life and some social events on the side. But I am definetely happy with the turn of events outside work. But speaking of work it was too rubbish and exhausting but it will soon end. I really enjoy studying Spanish language even though the grammar was so hard and I still have a lot of things to learn and I also need confidence in speaking it. For 5 weeks I was sleeping 3-4 hours a day because I need to go to class after work. It was free btw. I actually forgot to take care of my body and because of that I am suffering.

I wish I have new analogue photos to post. Bummer. My go-to developing lab was on hiatus because of restoration whatnot that’s why I am also on hiatus. lol ( that’s a lame excuse btw )

For the last quarter I hope that I can improve my makeup skills and start my beauty and health blog. I also hope that I will take care of my health like eating right and engaging in some group exercise. Lastly, I want to have the courage to speak Spanish in everyday life.

That’s all!

Some old people have a lot of hang ups in life. That’s a natural thing. But this 67- year old Spanish teacher is definitely not one if them. He is still passionate about the things he enjoy the most like teaching and painting. He was indeed an inspiration. Thank you for bringing out the best in all of us. We will surely treasure the experience of being your student. #graciasseñor #spanish #elmaestromejor #minime #studentmode #tesda #nlsi

This is me every Sunday night before I click the zzz button. I look like the Saw Villain. I was in ubeeeer pain awhile ago because it is the time of the month again. I did not drink medicine though. It took four things to calm my senses: hot tea,siesta,random poem making and skin care routine like this. #skincareobsessed #routine #facialmask #wellness #goodnightandhellomonday

Say what???
Happy 6th months little one! #shirtsaysferociouslycute #baby #babyselfie #HappyBirthday #mynephew


I have a lot of things to share and write about but I don’t have the luxury to do so. I miss tumblr so much. I can’t even exercise (that photo was taken eons ago when I can still walk from work to home) I am too buried with work and studying Spanish. I am working like a robot in the office but I am having fun studying. It’s like having a second soul.  I sleep three to four hours a day but I don’t look like a mess because of my skincare routine. I wish I can shoot again. It breaks my heart that there’s no Digiprint in Shang anymore to develop my film. During my free hours I get all the sleep I can get. Anyway Have a lovely Sunday guys!!

Eso es!!! 

Eat your Makeup


Olympus XA 2 x Ilford XP2

( I’m still alive just busy with stuff like starting my health/vanity blog but I so miss shooting people and places. How are you doing guys? )

We watched three movies yesterday and they are all #gala premier. I enjoy the #food they served in between the shows. Yay! @gracesabs #cinemalaya #cinemalaya2014 #ccp #moviefestival #filmfestival #filmbuff (at cultural center of the philippines)

Mama and her luggage bag to US! #gaddiel #mynephew #baby #happymonday

Gabby and her personalized M&M candies

Fisheye 2 x Agfa Precisa 100

(So much for non existent VF of Fisheye. Hahaha Shoot from the hip. Blurred much.  ) 

It was hard to admit how clumsy and stupid I was last time regarding online shopping. I should have known better. To remember this event I will just write the things that I could have bought with the money I’ve lost. This was a self-penance act of sort. Sometimes I bully myself.

(Photos below from Google IMAGES)

Running Shoes.


My old running shoes are still okay but it is wearing out already. It was not because I run on a daily basis but because I keep it inside the locker too often. Blame the weather and my lazy ass. A nice shoes will inspire me perhaps.

More more more Make up


No explanation needed. Girl thing.

Book Collection


I could have bought book collection instead. I have so many books that I want to buy. But I am kind of relying on ebooks these days. But nothing beats the real deal. 

SLR or RF Camera


Maybe instax is not really for me. I should have bought this instead. Grrr

Cinemalaya Festival Pass


I have been dreaming of a festival pass for this event too save time lining up. I wish I am still a student to enjoy the perks of a discounted price. 

That’s all I can think for now. I will be careful next time. I will not give up on film photography because of this. I will move forward.

Lastly, here are the details of my scammer. 

Seller’s Name: Bryan Paul P. Avelino/Frederick Avelino, Address: 86 Leveriza St., Malate, Manila or 876 Acacia St Malabon City RCBC Account #: 4215850024183726, 5818160002176496 PS Bank Acct: 212111007889

Small train or Big train?

Oly Xa2 x Agfa Vista 400

Too much grain, right? I am taking this camera to a repair shop later. Anyway I am frustrated that my usual on the go developing lab is not available anymore. Darn. What to do???



Joyeux anniversaire!

We wish you all the best for the year to come - may it be filled with success and much happiness! xxx

happy birthday girl crush! :)

Balloons again!

Hahaha one more post and I’m done. Promise!

HolgaCFN120 x FujiProvia100

(And again this was based on my Belle De Jour Power Planner)


01: 25TH BIRTHDAY. I am now a silver baby. No fancy party or whatnot just dinner with the family. I am just so grateful for having wonderful people around me.
04: I lost my wallet. I’m just that clumsy.
05: I walked from home after night shift duty. That’s my exercise. MOA Pasay to Malate. I do this 3 to 4 times a week.
06: I finally finished Elementary Season 1
08: I applied againd for Spanish at Tesda for 2nd time around. They have long list of applicants. :(
13: Hot Air Balloon Festival with Sabs and Santi. It was short trip but fun.
14-20: Mi amore was confined again because of Asthma. It’s a crazy holy week. After work I stayed at hospital and skip my exercise routine. I was just so drained. After discharge at the hospital I spent quality time with “le family”. They just love me I guess.
21: 7th Birthday of Gabby. No fancy birthday party because of the the newborn baby.
22-24: Absent because of vertigo. Sabs accompanied me at Healthway for checkup but we still had time for makeup shopping.
25: I went to Makati Med for “real” check up. Diagnosis: I am pre-diabetic. My PCOS is getting worse and I have myoma. That explains my sudden bouts of pain. It was so depressing. I still manage to go to work that night.
26: It was our 26th month together. I just got home from work and then suddenly our neighborhood was on fire. I was so shocked and I am in panic mode. I screamed and cried. The fire did not reach our house but 12 houses were burned. I can’t sleep that night. Is it post-traumatic syndrome?
30: I was in so much pain again.


01: I rushed myself to ER. I thought it was appendicitis but it was just a gyne case.
03: Digiprint delivery. It made me happy. I wish I can shoot more but I am too sick.
04: Movie Marathon
05: Applied for unified id of SSS.
07: A friend of mine visited me before she left again to work in Saudi. Thank God I made a decision not to be a nurse anymore.
12: Post Mother’s Celebration. I love my mom so much.
15: We celebrated an officemate’s birthay at SNR. The best cheese pizza ever.
16: I detox by drinking infused lemon water. I realize that I am a better person because I choose my battles. I know when to give up and fight.
18: Mi amore’s advance birthday party. After 7 years I had a taste of Red Horse beer again. I am not a beer person. I prefer soju, tequila or vodka but I rarely drink.
23: I was sent home after four hours of working. I rushed again to ER. This time it was gastroenteritis. Then milover rushed to accompany me. And their house was robbed. I felt guilty but I know it’s not my fault.
28: There was too much oppression and office politics at work. I don’t know how to fight anymore. My officemate friends were struggling. I think all my sickness boils down to my hazardous work.


02: Man from the Stars. I love this kind of kilig. I felt like a teenager.
06: I lost 6 kilos in a month. It was an achievement. I hope that this is the beginning of a new me. I am finally getting better and healthier.
08: Taco Sunday with milove. I thank the universe that we met and stayed together even though it was a harsh and complicated world.
15: French Film Festival was sold out. Thank heavens for the intarwebss. I downloaded Mood Indigo instead. My two favorite films are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Amelie. A movie with Gondry and Audrey Tatou makes my heart skipped a beat. It was magical.
18: I was scammed. I was so stupid and careless. I bought instax online and lo and behold it never came. I reported it to They can only do so much. I just have to give up and move on and of course be wiser next time. Someone bashed me because I should just give up analogue and shift to digital. No offense but that was so out of line. We need to respect each others hobbies.
22: Gaddiel’s Christening. It was nice to spend time with family and relatives. After that I went to a mini reunion with my Accelerated Class in Elementary. After 14 years we met but it felt like yesterday. Time flies and I feel like I have not changed that much.
23: I bled too much after 10 months. It was too painful to bear. I read that red wine has analgesic effects. It was helpful but not that much. I tried Green books because of the hype. It was okay.
29: Shopping and quality time with Mother. We don’t do this often because I have lame excuses but I know she likes it. I wish I can spend more time with her.
30: Off to meet mi amore. I’m excited for July. A lot of events. Life is a series of film festivals. I hope I have time and healthy body to shoot again too.

It was not that eventful second quarter. I was always depressed and sick. Hopefully it will be better. 

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